• Prof.Zhang Jian-ting from Indiana University Visits
  • On October 15,2014, Professor Zhang Jian-ting from School of Medicine, Indiana University visits School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
    During the visit, he delivered a lecture titled"Drug Discovery Targeting Undruggable Oncogenic Proteins", in which he introduced the methods and accomplishments of his research group. After the lecture, Prof. Zhang also visits the laboratories and research centers with the company of Vice Dean Zhang Jian. Several faculty members of pharmacology had a meeting with Professor Zhang and talked about the possiblities of future collaboration.
    Professor Zhang Jian-ting has made various achievements during different stages of my scientific research career. As a graduate student, he successfully cloned the gene of a gap junction protein connexin 26 and investigated its expression profile under the mentorship of Dr. Bruce J. Nicholson at State University of New York at Buffalo. During his postdoctoral training with Dr. Victor Ling at Ontario Cancer Institute/University of Toronto, Canada, he studied multidrug resistance and found that nascent P-glycoprotein may have different membrane topological foldings from mature ones. These different topologies appear to be governed by the “positive-inside” rule and ribosomes during the biogenesis of P-glycoprotein.Following independence in 1993, he continued to study multidrug resistance in cancer chemotherapy and expanded into drug discovery and chemical biology.

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