• The Institute of Immunopharmacology and Immunotherapy
  • The Institute of Immunopharmacology and Immunotherapy was established in 2004. There are a series of laboratories in this institute, including Molecular Biological Lab, Cellular Biological Lab and Immunopharmacology Lab. This institute holds advanced apparatus satisfying our researches. Until now,we obtained more than 30 grants, and the funds are over RMB 9,000,000. Our research fields include: 1. Immunotherapy: Gene therapy for tumor by oligonucleotides targeting transcription factor; adoptive cellular immunotherapy based on gene-modified NK cells; 2. Immunopharmacology: The recognition and action of innate immune system in inflammation and tumor; the screening of immunomodulators and their mechanisms. 3. Discovery of novel immuno-genes and their biological functions: Utilizing established technique platform to find novel functional genes involved in innate immune response, obtaining functional proteins and antibodies.
    There are three professors working in this institute. About 20-26 master or doctor candidates are studying and training in the institute. In order to widen the vision of students and to provide more opportunities to understand cutting edge knowledge of this field, three specialists were invited as overseas collaboratory mentors who work in NIH or Harvard Medical School.
    Director: ZhangJian     E-mail: zhangj65@sdu.edu.cn
    For further information, please contact 86-531-88380270

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