• Institute of Medicinal Chemistry
  • The Institute of Medicinal Chemistry focuses on drug discovery and development, including structure-based drug design, synthesis and biological evaluation. The Institute consists of department of medicinal chemistry, department of organic chemistry, department of inorganic chemistry and medicinal chemistry laboratory. Furthermore, the institute also has Shandong University-Qidu Joint Laboratory and Shandong University -Tripos Joint Laboratory for Drug Design. The Institute has 20 faculty and staff members, including 9 full professors, 6 associate professors, 4 lecturers and 2 technicians.
    The Institute provides courses in advanced organic chemistry, organic preparation and separation, chemical biology, pharmacoinformatics and drug design and development for postgraduate students, and inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, drug design, pharmaceutical synthesis, pharmaceutical manufacturing technology, bioorganic chemistry, pharmaceutical English, elemental chemistry, inorganic chemistry experiment, organic chemistry experiment and medicinal chemistry experiment for undergraduate students.
    It needs to be noted that medicinal chemistry is the provincial level excellent courses and drug design is the national level excellent course. In the meanwhile, the institute-based medicinal chemistry and drug design textbooks are national-level official textbooks.
    The research team is engaged in the research of structure-based rational drug design, combinatorial chemistry, natural product chemistry, chemogenomics and structural biology. In recent 3 years(2010-2012), the institute has successfully applied 12 national patents, published more than 150 SCI papers and more than 67 literature reviews and books. Research activities in the Institute are funded by prestigious national programs such as National 863 Plan, National 973 Plan, National Major Science and Technology Project of China (Innovation and Development of New Drugs), National Program of International Science and Technology Cooperation, International Cooperation and Exchanges Program and Key Research Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, as well as provincial and ministry programs. Moreover, the Institute was funded annually about ¥10M for commercialization by pharmaceutical industry.
    Director: Xinyong Liu  E-mail: xinyongl@sdu.edu.cn
    For further information, please contact 86-531-88380270

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