• Institute of Natural Medicinal Chemistry
  • This institute was established based on the Teaching and Research Section of Natural Medicinal Chemistry with ¥6 million investment from Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, This institute mainly focuses on the study of bioactive natural products, especially the study of bryophytes. It has doctorate degree authorized discipline. There are 4 full professors, 5 associate professors and 1 lecturer in this institute.
    The institute undertakes teaching practice of 6 subjects, including Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Spectral Analysis, supervises the postgraduate students, and enrolls 10-15 graduate students and 5 doctors each year now.
    Research Fields
    1.      Research of active natural products and development of innovative drugs.
    2.      Modification and synthesis of active natural products.
    3.      Biotransformation and secondary metabolites.
    4.      Antidiabetic microbial medicines.
    5.      Anticancer microbial medicines.
    6.      Antibacterium microbial medicines.
    Director: Hongxiang Lou  E-mail: louhongxiang@sdu.edu.cn
    For further information, please contact 86-531-88382012

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