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  • Shandong University China-Japan Cooperation Center for Drug
  •  China                                        Japan 
    Xiuli Guo                                 Director: Takashi KARAKO

      SDU-DDSC was co-established in 2007 by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Shandong University, School of Medicine of University of Tokyo in Japan. It is supported by International Research and Cooperation Association for Bio& Socio-Sciences Advancement (IRCA-BSSA).
      As a public experiment platform, the center aims at establishing a modern system for drug screening and accelerating research and development of innovative drug. It also provides sample screening and professional consulting services for domestic and overseas universities, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.
      Special Services
      (1) Various evaluation systems for anti-cancer, cardiovascular ad cerebrovascular, anti-AD
      (2)  Silkworm model for screening anti-viral compounds in the international leading level.
      (3) Animal models for drug screening: anticancer drugs models, cardiovascular model, cerebrovascular model, diabetes model.

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