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  • Xiuli Guo
  • Xiu-Li GUO, Ph.D, Professor



    Name: Xiu-li Guo

    MD, Ph.D, Professor

    Head ofInstitute of New Drug Pharmocology



    School of Pharmaceutical Science

    Shandong University

    No. 44, WenHua Xi Road, Jinan, 250012


    Tel/Fax. 086-531-88382490



    2001—2004: PhD. Pharmacology, OceanUniversity of China , Qingdao, China .

    1991—1994: MMedSc. Pharmacology, ShandongMedicalUniversity, Jinan, China

    1987—1991: BSc. Pharmacy, ShandongMedicalUniversity, Jinan, China


    2007.09-Date:Professor in Pharmacology, Head of Institute of New Drug Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutical Science, Shandong University.

    2001.9 - 2007.8: Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutical Science, Shandong University.

    2006.3 - 2007.3: Visiting Scholarin Liverpool University, UK

    1996.9 - 2001.8: Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutical Science, Shandong University.

    1994.9 - 1996.8: Assistant, Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutical Science, Shandong Medical Univ.


    1. “Mechanism of galectin-3 on the metastasis of breast cancer with high MUC1 expression and associated drugs.” funded by National Science Foundation of China, 2014.1-2017.12.

    2.“Preclinical drugability study of DLJ14 as a novel anti-tumor resistant reversal agent” funded by Shandong Province Science and Technology Key Project, 2015.1-2017.12.

    3. “Development of T-2 Trichothecenes (Typeantitumor biotech drug)” funded by the subtopic of Special innovation of major national pharmaceutical drug research, 2012.1-2015.6.

    4. “Targeting prostate cancer cells with receptor guided nanoparticles using docetaxel” funded by Shandong University-South Australian University healthy study center. 2014.1-2015.12

    5.“Multi-targeting reversal activity studies of the novel stilbene derivatives containing Ligustrazinyl group on tumor multi-drug resistance”, funded by National Science Foundation of China, 2010.1-2012.12.

    6.Study on anti-vascular dementia effects and molecular mechanism of Ligustrazine derivatives”, funded by National Science Foundation of China, 2007.1-2009.12.

    7.“The role of PTEN gene in Ang induced vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration”, funded by Shandong Province Outstanding Young Scientists Research Award Fund Project, 2010.1-2012.12.

    8.“Relation of PTEN expression and activity and angiotensininduces proliferation and migration of vascular smooth muscle cells.”, funded by Science Foundation of Shandong University, 2010.1-2012.12.

    9.“Study and development of anti-tumor candidates L-16”, funded by Special innovation of major national pharmaceutical drug research, 2010.1-2012.12.

    10. “Protective effects and mechanism of novel ligustrazine derivatives on vascular dementia” funded by National Science Foundation of China, 2006.1-2009.12.

    RECENT PUBLICATION (2010-date)

    1.    Yan-Na Liu, Jing-Jing Wang, Ya-Ting Ji, Guo-Dong Zhao, Long-Qian Tang, Cheng-Mei Zhang, Xiu-Li Guo*, Zhao-Peng Liu*. Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of 1-Methyl-1,4-dihydroindeno[1,2-c]pyrazole Analogues as Potential Anticancer Agents Targeting Tubulin Colchicine Binding Site. J Medicinal Chemistry, 2016, 59 (11): 5341-55.

    2.    Xue Dong, Lu-Gang Yu, Rong Sun, Yan-Na Cheng, Hua Cao, Kang-Min Yang, Yi-Ning Dong, Yan Wu, Xiu-Li Guo*. Inhibition of PTEN expression and activity by angiotensininduces proliferation and migration of vascular smooth muscle cells. J. Cell Biochem. 2013, 114: 174-182.

    3.      Hao Zhang, Rong Sun, Xin-Yong Liu, Xiao-Ming Shi, Wen-Fang Wang, Lu-Gang Yu, Xiu-Li Guo*. A tetramethylpyrazinepiperazine derivate CXC137 prevents cell injury in SH-SY5Y cells and improves memory dysfunction of rats with vascular dementia. Neurochem Res. 2014, 39: 276-286.

    4.      Yu-Yin Lu, Jing-Jing Wang, Xin-Ke Zhang, Wen-Bao Li, Xiu-Li Guo*. 1118-20, an indazolediarylurea compound, inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 proliferation and tumor angiogenesis involving Wnt/ß-catenin pathway and receptor tyrosine kinases. J Pharm Pharmacol. 2015, 67: 1393-1405.

    5.      Peng Zhang, Bei-BeiZheng, Hong-Yuan Wang, Jin-Hua Chen, Xin-Yong Liu, Xiu-Li Guo*. DLJ14, a novel chemo-sensitization agent, enhances therapeutic effects of adriamycin against MCF-7/A cells both in vitro and in vivo. J Pharm Pharmacol. 2014, 66 (3): 398-407.

    6.      Hong-Yuan Wang, Ying Zhang, Yue Zhou, Yu-Yin Lu, Wen-Fang Wang, Ming Xin, Xiu-Li Guo*. Rosiglitazone elevates sensitization of drug-resistant oral epidermoid carcinoma cells to vincristine by G2/M-phase arrest, independent of PPAR-γ pathway. Biomed Pharmacother2016, 83: 349-360.

    7.      Peng Zhang, Jin-Hua Chen, Xue Dong, Ming-Tan Tang, Li-Yan Gao, Gui-Sen Zhao, Lu-Gang Yu, Xiu-Li Guo*. 6r, a novel oxadiazole analogue of ethacrynic acid, exhibits antitumor activity both in vitro and in vivo by induction of cell apoptosis and S-phase arrest. Biomed. Pharmacother. 2013, 67: 58-65.

    8.      Li Zhai, Peng Zhang, Ren-Yuan Sun, Xin-Yong Liu, Wei-Guo Liu, Xiu-Li Guo*. Cytoprotective effects of CSTMP, a novel stilbene derivative, against H2O2-induced oxidative stress in human endothelial cells. Pharmacol. Rep. 2011, 63(6): 1469-1480.

    9.      Yu-Ning Song, Xiu-Li Guo*, Bei-BeiZheng, Xin-Yong Liu, Xue Dong, Lu-gang Yu,Yan-NaCheng. Ligustrazine derivate DLJ14 reduces multidrug resistance of K562/A02 cells by modulating GSTπ activity. Toxicol in vitro, 2011, 25: 937-943.

    10.  Wei-Guo Liu, Jun-Yi Zhao, Hao Zhang, Xin-Yong Liu,Xiu-Li Guo*. MSTMP, a stilbene derivative, protects SH-SY5Y cells against oxidative stress. Can J Neurolog Sci. 2014, 41: 382-388.

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    12.  Yang Ou, Xiu-Li Guo*, Li Zhai, Xin-Yong Liu, Yan-na Cheng. TMPDP, a tetramethylpyrazine derivative, protects vascular endothelial cells from oxidation damage by hydrogen peroxide. Pharmazie 2010, 65: 755-759.

    13.  Zhan-Qi Cao, Xiu-Li Guo*. The role of galectin-4 in physiology and diseases. Protein & Cell 2016, 7(5): 314-325. (review)

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    21.   Jin-Hua Chen, Wen-Fang Wang, Hong-Yuan Wang, Xin-Yong Liu, Xiu-Li Guo*. Combination treatment of Ligustrazinepiperazine derivate DLJ14 and adriamycin inhibits progression of resistant breast cancer through inhibition of the EGFR/PI3K/Akt survival pathway and induction of apoptosis. Drug DiscovTher2014; 8(1):33-41.


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