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  • 国际学生 Biopharmaceuticals专业介绍

  • Master Program of Biopharmaceuticals
    Fact File
    Degree awarded: Master of Biopharmaceuticals
    Duration: 24 months
    Entry requirements:
    Applicants should have a Bachelors degree of pharmacy or biology. Admission of candidates who do not meet this criterion may be approved if satisfactory evidence of postgraduate study, research or professional experience can be provided. Please contact the School's admissions office for further guidance.
    Course fees: 36000 RMB

    Program Overview
    Aims of the Program
    The Master program of Biopharmaceuticals emphasizes advanced study and research in the biotechnology and the new agent development such as antibody and immune. While the one-year courses provide the systematic knowledge of modern biotechnology and process of biopharmaceuticals. The other one-year research of thesis gives students chances of doing research in one of the school’s highly active and well-funded research groups. The program is taught entirely in English. However, basic survival Chinese courses as part of the program are taught for a better understanding and experience of the profound culture.
    Core Courses:
    1. Biopharmaceuticals
    2. Immunobiology & Immunotoxicology
    3. International Pharmaceutical Regulations and Quality Control
    4. Literature Reading and writing
    5. Seminar of Progress in Drug Research
    6. Chinese Culture

    Optional Courses:
    1. Drug screening
    2. Application of Modern Cell Biology in Bio-medical Research
    3. Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds
    4. Molecular Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics
    5. Molecular mechanisms of metabolic and endocrine diseases

    Credit Requirements
    The total credits for the program are no less than 30, in which no less than 20 credits are for compulsory courses.
    I. Literature Review
    A literature review of no less than 5,000 words with no less than 30 references is required to submit before the writing of thesis proposal.
    II. Thesis Proposal
    Thesis proposal is a brief presentation of a student’s research plan, including a short introduction with the following related project:
    1) Biotechnology studies on the drugs coming from carbohydrate
    2) Biotechnology studies on the drugs coming from protein or peptide

    III. Thesis writing
    With no less than 20,000 words in total, the thesis should be submitted on time.

    Graduation Requirements
    Before graduate students can be officially admitted to degree candidacy, they must satisfy one of the following requirements:
    a. submit an academic paper in relevant journals or publish it in academic conferences
    b. participate and complete an research project and write a summary report

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