• Prof. Rolf Mueller’s Lecture Held in Our School
  • On the afternoon of Dec.11, Prof. Rolf Mueller, the Head of Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland, Germany visited School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and delivered a lecture titiled “Myxobacteria: Cool Bugs for Novel Drugs” to the students and faculty of the school. Vice President, Professor of Natural Product Chemistry Hongxiang Lou presided the lecture.
    The lecture was warmly welcomed and appreciated by the audience and questions were answered one by one after the lecture.
    Prof.Rolf Mueller is the Head of Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland, Germany. He did his pharmacy studies at Bonn University from 1986-1990, his Ph.D. at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biology at Bonn University and the post-doc at the same department, recognition as specialist pharmacist for Pharmaceutical Analytics in 1995.
    Prof. Rolf Mueller has been engaged in natural products for more than 20 years. His group studies the chemistry, biosynthesis, regulation, heterologous production and mode-of-action of secondary metabolites from myxobacteria and, more recently, actinomycetes. Up to now, his group published more than 200 publications, and many of them are published on Nature Biotechnology, Nature Chemistry Biology, PNAS, and Chemistry Biology. His laboratory is one of the most distinguished team in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology of microbes in the world.

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