• Four Students from University of South Australia Visited
  • From Jan 4 to 18, 2016, four undergraduates, Jeremy Zhou,Khanh Nguyeny,Sarah Kay and  Li Ka Lok, from University of South Australia (UniSA) came to Shandong province to do their three-week placement, which is required by UniSA in their third year. They visited and interned in Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Qilu Hospital and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences during their stay in Shandong.

    From Jan 5 to 15, the 4 students interned at Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, for two weeks. Under the supervision of Xinhua, they rotated in Department of R&D, Manufacture and Sales, getting a basic understanding of the Chinese pharmaceutical industries.

    From Jan 16 to17, the students also visited Institute of Clinical Pharmacology Research  of Qilu Hospital.

    The pharmacy majors of UniSA need to do their placement in their third year of study. In recent years, students are encouraged to do their placement abroad. As a partner of UniSA, Shandong University hosted the placement of two students in 2015 and are expecting more students to visit in coming years.  

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