• Institute of Biochemical and Biotechnological Drug
  • The institute is mainly engaged in teaching and research in the field of biochemical and biotech drugs. It has established a solid foundation in carbohydrate-based drug R & D. Meanwhile,the institute is part of the national glyco-engineering research center. There are 8 members,including 3 professors, 2 associate professors, 1 lecturer, 1 senior engineer and 1 laboratory technician; 2 doctoral supervisors, 4 master student supervisors.
    In teaching respect, the institute undertakes the theoretical and practical teaching of Biotechnological Pharmaceutics, Biochemical Pharmaceutics, Biochemical Separation Technology for Pharmaceuticals, Gene Cloning(bilingual course) for undergraduate student, and Biopharmaceuticals(English), Bioseparation Technology(English),  Structure and Function of Biological Macromolecules for graduate students. 
    In scientific research, the institute focuses on three main research directions: biochemical and biotechnological drugs, microbial drugs and biosynthesis and biotransformation, and has established featured research fields including: biological polysaccharide, oligosaccharide and its derivatives preparation, biological activity and drug development; bioactive peptides cloning and expression, structural modification of biological macromolecules and relationship between structure and function, microorganisms for biosynthesis and biotransformation, related drugs industrialization and engineering  new drugs development, and so on.
    The institute once undertook 1 project of 863 Plan, 3 projects of national Major New Drug, more than 10 national science foundation, over 60 projects from ministry of education, ministry of health, Shandong Province, provincial educational commission, provincial bureau of health and horizontal joint projects. The institute has won over 20 awards from national and provincial organizations, such as the Ministry of Health, Commerce Department, Provincial Educational Commission, Provincial Bureau of Health and Shandong University. It has published works including “animal biochemical pharmaceutics”, “essential of biochemical pharmaceutics”, “biochemical pharmaceutics”, “biochemical drug research” ,“Biological Drug Development”, “biochemistry”, and so on. More than 600 papers have been published. The institute has successfully undertaken or participated in new biochemical drugs research, including thymosin, Fu Xue Ning, asclerol, ocustrilla, Zhi Yi Pian, Sodium hyaluronate injection, Low molecular weight heparin sodium and its injection preparations and so on.
    The institute actively participates in the economic construction, providing technical services for pharmaceutical enterprises, for example, heparin sodium, hyaluronate sodium, chondroitin sulfate, speroxide dismutase and so on. It has provided technical support for more than 10 pharmaceutical companies such as Yantai Dongcheng, Dongying Tiandong, Suzhou Tianlv, gaining nearly ¥100 million profit .T
    Director: Fengshan Wang  E-mail: fswang@sdu.edu.cn
    For further information, please contact 86-531-88380288


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