• Institute of Pharmaceutics
  • This institute founded in 2001 is mainly engaged in the teaching and research work involving Pharmaceutics, Bio-Pharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Physical Pharmaceutics and Physical Chemistry. The institute consists of Department of Pharmaceutics, Department of Physical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics Teaching Laboratory.
    Presently, the institute has 10 staff, including 5 full professors, 1 associate professors, 1 lecturer and 3 senior technicians. It has master’s degree and doctorate authorized disciplines of Pharmacy. Currently, the number of graduate students is more than 40.
    The institute offers more than 10 courses (such as Pharmaceutics, Industrial Pharmaceutics) for undergraduate and graduate students. And we also edited more than 10 teaching materials and compositions such as national textbooks.
    Research Fields:
    1.      The delivery systems of targeting, sustained and controlled release.
    2.      Transdermal and mucosal drug delivery systems.
    3.      The pharmacokinetics of new pharmaceuticals.
    4.      Preparation and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.
    5.      Biomedical materials and the delivery systems of biopharmaceuticals.
    6.      Physicochemical property and application of colloid solutions
    Director : Guangxi Zhai    E-mail: zkyjd@sdu.edu.cn
    For further information, please contact 86-531-88382015



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